Christy Snow

Client Service Manager

  • Main point of contact for all questions when Noel is not available
  • Finalizes opening new accounts/policies
  • Schedules appointments
  • Back-up for trading and cashiering
  • christy@financialdesignsinc.com; 913-951-3513
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Blair Christ

New Business and 401k Coordinator

  • Prepares account paperwork (new/existing accounts, bank changes, beneficiary changes, etc.)
  • Processes requests to go paperless
  • Manages CIRStatements.com
  • Manages group 401(k)s
  • blair@financialdesignsinc.com; 913-955-2920
  • To learn more about Blair, click here

Austyn Windle

Client Planning Coordinator

  • Sets-up new clients in the client portal
  • Manages follow-up from client reviews
  • austyn@financialdesignsinc.com; 913-951-3514
  • To learn more about Austyn, click here

Sheila Hansen

Project Coordinator

  • Updates databases to reflect accurate client info
  • Manages preparation for client reviews
  • sheila@financialdesignsinc.com; 913-956-6502
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(913) 951-3512

11225 College Blvd., Suite 300
Overland Park, KS 66210