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Why should I hire you as my financial adviser?

I review your plan regularly to ensure it continues to align with your needs. Given life changes, our process is to meet twice a year to review your plan, but I am reachable at any time you need. I have over 20 years of experience and by providing these services, I have been able to establish a 98% client retention rate.

What's your investment philosophy?

Most of my clients are looking to save and protect their assets, which leads to a more conservative approach. However, everyone has their own unique situation and I adapt to your comfort level while challenging you to stretch your thinking with “what if” scenarios.

What services do you provide?

I specialize in wealth management; including retirement planning, education planning, budgeting, retirement income, legacy planning, and asset protection strategies. Additionally, I can connect you with an estate attorney and a trusted CPA within our firm to take care of all your tax and accounting needs. Our teams work as one to help you every step of the way, working towards your desired outcomes.

Is there a cost for an initial meeting?

Never. There are no fees until you decide to work with me. Thereafter, the investment advisory fee is a percentage of assets. This is calculated on the total value of your assets under management.

What do I bring to our first meeting?

Your initial meeting with me is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and discuss your financial goals. If you have specific questions or concerns, you are welcome to bring any current investment or insurance statements.


Where do I go to see my account information?

CIRStatements: This is your site for consolidated account information, all in one place. It is a helpful tool to manage assets and you can easily access account information, such as positions and performance.

Login and Forgot Password Link: Click Here

Wealthscape Investor: This is your site for NFS accounts only. This website allows you access to your NFS statements, tax documents, trade confirmations, and account history. You also have the option to enroll in electronic delivery and go paperless.

Login and Forgot Password Link: Click Here

American Funds: This is your site for your accounts held directly with American Funds, such as 529 plans. This website enables you to update your account information and access your AF statements, tax documents, and account history online.

Login and Forgot Password Link: Click Here

Client Portal: This is your financial planning site. This website will quantify where you are now, where you want to be, and when, then make recommendations to help you get there. You can use this portal as an online safety deposit box and access every bank, credit, and investment account, whether they are linked to Noel or not. With unlimited storage, you can secure valuables such as insurance policies and estate planning documents.

Login and Forgot Password Link: Click Here

If you are not set up to access these sites, please contact our team by phone at (913) 951-3512 or email

Where do I find my tax documents and/or statements?

Typically tax documents and statements are found on Wealthscape or American Funds. If you are not set up with access to these sites, please contact our team by phone at (913) 951-3512 or email

How can I contribute to my account?
1. Make reoccurring contributions with an automatic monthly deposit that is drafted from your bank account for the same amount on the same day of each month.

2. Set up online bill pay from your bank or credit union.

3. Write checks (made-out to fund company) and mail them directly to the fund company or our office for processing.

4. NFS only: Our team can make a one-time contribution that pulls directly from your bank account.

*Please contact our team by phone at (913) 951-3512 or email for more details on these options.

How long will it take to transfer me cash?

It varies. It usually takes up to 5 days.

Note – Trading ends at 3:30 EST each day.

Can I request transactions via email?

You can, but we have to follow-up verbally to make the transaction. Please contact our team by phone at (913) 951-3512 or expect a call from us.

How do I receive my statements and other mailings electronically?

It depends. To get direction on which sites need to be set-up to transition from paper to electronic communication, please contact our team by phone at (913) 951-3512 or email

I see a lot of different names on my statements. What is Cambridge? What is National Financial Services? What is Financial Designs, Inc.?

Cambridge is our broker-dealer. They provide support, infrastructure, and oversee compliance.

National Financial Services (NFS) is our clearing firm and this is where your investments are held.

Financial Designs, Inc. is our independent, financial services and consulting firm, located in the Overland Park area.


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